Shout out to Riverside Center for Innovation

We would like to thank Riverside Center for Innovation (RCI) for the incredible work they are doing to help small businesses in the Pittsburgh area and the impact they have already had on us.

Thanks to their BizFit Tier 3 course (1st course in the series) we were ahead of the game when we found out about the Creative Entrepreneur Accelerator Grant and were able to apply as soon as the grant opened. The application required that you submit a business plan, which Tier 3 helped us to create. This business plan was a key piece of the decision making process for the selection committee and we are so grateful to RCI for helping us create such a strong plan to help us win the grant. 

We continue to work with RCI and just finished their BizFit Tier 2 course and make good use of the access they provide to legal advise. If those were not enough they  also have Career Coaching to help you as a person as well as a business owner. 

Thank you to everyone at RCI for your continuous support and for providing such great programs!


Shout out to Riverside Center for Innovation
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